Action Days

What are ‘Permaculture Action Days’?

All are welcome to participate in a ‘Permaculture Action Day’; a one day event designed to co-create a sustainable and regenerative world by actually taking action. In our blitz-style work days we empower, teach, share, andcreate.

What is Permaculture?

Through a set of principles for social and agricultural design, permaculture is centered around utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems, teaching us how to care for people, care for the earth and do so fairly.

What We Do!

We organize Permaculture Action Days that catalyze social change and ecological regeneration. Audiences from concerts and music events come together to build, plant and create projects like urban farms, community gardens, food forests, and natural buildings in their communities.

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Read about the principles and values that guide our Permaculture Action Days.

Upcoming EVENTS

  1. More Action Days, Course, and Hubs To Be Announced SOON

    February 1, 2018