Permaculture Action Courses

Our permaculture courses teach both hands-on techniques and social tools that participants can use to create greater connection and sustainability in their life, today and for future generations. Permaculture is a design science for regenerative ecological systems and holistic socio-economic structures that mimic nature. In addition to methods and skills for designing and implementing physical systems, these courses offer methods for community organizing to bring visions and dreams of a better world into reality.

Permaculture Action Course at Seven Springs
June 2nd – June 8th in Sweet Hollow, Tennessee

Join us as we imagine ways to build resilient communities where our grandchildren will thrive. Ryan Rising of the Permaculture Action Network, together with Cliff Davis and Jennifer Albanese of Spiral Ridge Permaculture, will lead a hands-on practical exploration of how to support our selves, our communities, and our ecosystems.

Get the details on the course page here.

Sonic Bloom Academy: Permaculture Series
June 11 – 14 in Colorado at Hummingbird Ranch

We will be co-hosting the Permaculture Series of Sonic Bloom Festival’s Academy on the festival site before the music begins. Take a deep dive into permaculture design, skills for ecological regeneration, and the how to’s of organizing in community. June 11-13 will be three full days of learning, with June 14th a Permaculture Action Day to cap it off before the festival begins.

Get the details on the academy page here.