Permaculture Action Courses

Our permaculture courses teach both hands-on techniques and social tools that participants can use to create greater connection and sustainability in their life, today and for future generations. Permaculture is a design science for regenerative ecological systems and holistic socio-economic structures that mimic nature. In addition to methods and skills for designing and implementing physical systems, these courses offer methods for community organizing to bring visions and dreams of a better world into reality.




Sonic Bloom Academy: Permaculture Series
June 11 – 14 in Colorado at Hummingbird Ranch

We will be co-hosting the Permaculture Series of Sonic Bloom Festival’s Academy on the festival site before the music begins. Take a deep dive into permaculture design, skills for ecological regeneration, and the how to’s of organizing in community. June 11-13 will be three full days of learning, with June 14th a Permaculture Action Day to cap it off before the festival begins.

Get the details on the academy page here.

ARISE Permaculture Action Course
July 31st – August 3rd at Sunrise Ranch, the ARISE Festival Site and Intentional Community

Join Ryan Rising and Alexa Levy of Permaculture Action Network, water systems expert & certified permaculture design teacher Avery Ellis, Sunrise Ranch’s own permaculture designer Patrick Padden, biodynamics practitioner Stone Hunter, and other guest instructors for a detailed and holistic program that combines ecological design science, community organizing with an action-based focus, and the many facets of permaculture.

Get the details on the course page here.