About Us

The Permaculture Action Network bridges permaculture and community action with music, land and culture.

Since 2014, we have held 62 Permaculture Action Days in 51 cities across 23 U.S. states.  In doing so, we’ve partnered with 12 different artists and music festivals, mobilizing 9,430 people to take action on the ground hand-in-hand with more than 80 organizations and projects including:

Urban Farms                                       Community Centers                                     Public Food Forests
School Orchards & Gardens             K-12 Campuses & Universities                 Permaculture Center
EcoVillages                                           Low-Income Housing Residences             Cooperatives
Land Trusts                                          Indigenous Culture Centers                       Community Gardens
Composting Facilities                         Art Spaces                                                     Seed Farms

Who Are We?

The Permaculture Action Network is for everyone; currently consisting of a network of organizers, artists, educators, diverse audiences, and do-ers all over the country.

(photo: Rising Appalachia)

We partner with musicians to empower their fans to action!  

What is Permaculture?

Through a set of principles for social and agricultural design, permaculture is centered around utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems, teaching us how to care for people, care for the earth and do so fairly.

Students at San Antonio Elementary School build their outdoor classroom from earthen materials at the LIB Permaculture Action Day

What We Do!

We organize Permaculture Action Days that catalyze social change and ecological regeneration. Audiences from concerts and music events come together to build, plant and create projects like urban farms, community gardens, food forests, and natural buildings in their communities.


We are a people-powered organization, and with limited funds over the last few years we have accomplished so much!  With your financial support we will be able to continue partnering with musicians and artists to put on more Permaculture Action Days with a wider diversity of participants.

Ryan Rising sheet mulching at the Gill Tract Community Farm during a Permaculture Action Day to plant a forest garden of edible perennials.

Education for the Transition

We host Permaculture Action Courses, and Permaculture Action workshop Hubs that provide hands-on training and education at festivals, workplaces, neighborhoods, and schools by teaching tangible skills to create actual systems beneficial to people and place.

As a network, we strive to connect people and empower them to take action that creates the world they want to see. We are committed to pushing community and sustainability to the center of society’s cultural narrative.

What We’ve Done

In the Fall of 2014, we launched Pushing Through The Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour, with musical producer, The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo and Mr. Lif.

The tour stopped in 32 cities across the country. After every show, we mobilized up to 400 people from the concert audience, local community members and local organizations for a Permaculture Action Day. We planted public food forests, built community gardens, and completed an array of other projects that connected us to urban farms, ecological common spaces, and most importantly, one another.

The tour was such a success, we went on to organize 30 more Permaculture Action Days before festivals and after concerts in major cities, coordinate Permaculture Action Hubs, and teach three Permaculture Action Courses on ecological design, community organizing, and social change, as well as two full Permaculture Design Courses.

Be a Part of an Expanding Network of BioRegional Crews

As we move into 2017, the structure of our organization is growing into a network of BioRegional Crews across the continent putting on action days, spreading ecological education, and bringing the crowds out of concert halls and into the streets and gardens.

Get in touch with us to inquire about starting up or joining a BioRegional Crew of the Permaculture Action Network where you live!  Write to  Contact (A) PermacultureAction.org

Read about past Permaculture Action Days and more below!