Permaculture Action Hubs

We set up Permaculture Action Hubs at large gatherings and music festivals as a central space for workshops, classes, panel discussions, and skill-shares focused on regenerative ecology, social transformation, community building, and permaculture design.  This is a space where people can network with individuals and projects, as well as catalyze community organizing and action.

Past Permaculture Action Hubs have included a main workshop and speaker space, a networking node for bioregional organizing and informal workshop sessions, and demonstration systems of natural buildings, greywater filtration, solar ovens, garden beds, alternative energy, and more.  

Past speakers have included Dr. Vandana Shiva, City Repair’s Mark Lakeman, Erica Wohldman, Penny Livingston, James Stark, Lydia Neilsen and many other amazing facilitators.  

Upcoming Permaculture Action Hubs

Sonic Bloom Festival Permaculture Action Hub – June 15-18, Hummingbird Ranch, CO

Come hang out in the Permaculture Action Hub at Sonic Bloom Festival June 15th-18th to learn from and connect with others catalyzing a shift to a just and regenerative way of living.

Workshops and Sessions include:

  •  – Intro to Permaculture & The Just Transition w/ Ryan Rising
  •  – Indigenous Phenology in the Age of Climate Change w/ Michael Alcazar
  •  – Natural Building w/ Mike Wird
  •  – Geomeditation: A Conscious Journey Through Deep Time w/ Callie Maron
  •  – Permaculture as Playtime: Gamifying the Design Process w/ Eliot Kersgaard
  •  – Bloomtown Villagers: Ecological Embodiment Theatre Games for Youth & Adults w/ Robin Eden
  •  – Re-Villaging Movement Amidst the Housing Crisis w/ Karen Seed
  •  – Carbon Farming and the Perennial Economy w/ Michael Alcazar
  •   – Soul of Soil: Making Compost Tea w/ Edaphic Solutions
  •  – Systems Thinking & Urban Permaculture w/ Mike Wird
  •  – INHABIT: A Permaculture Perspective film screening
  •  – Problem Solving Adventures: For Youth and Kids at Heart w/ Eliot Kersgaard
  •   – Social Permaculture: Applying Nature’s Principles to People and Communities w/ Ryan Rising
  •  – Social Permaculture: Power, Decision Making, and Conflict Resolution w/ Ryan Rising
  •  – Solar Power and Alternative Energy w/ Brittany Heller & Jim Payne
  •  – The Power of Storytelling & Creating Your Own Media w/ Unicorn Riot
  •  – Your Independent Media footage screening w/ Unicorn Riot
  •  – Earth Body Dances w/ Allison Caw
  •  – Wild Weedz Edible Herb Walk w/ Manda Pendleton
  •  – Security Culture 101 & Know Your Rights w/ Unicorn Riot
  •  – Permaculture & Power: the Logistics of Liberation w/ Ryan Rising
  •  – Amazing Veggie & Fruit Fermentation Skills: Recipes for Probiotic Health & Preservation w/ Laura Shiels
  •  – Sacred Mycology: The Harmonic Balance of the Biosphere w/ Britt Clements
  •  – Social Networking with Mycorrhizae w/ Eliot Kersgaard
  •  – Open Space: Come Through, Meet, and Organize

Check out the rest of Sonic Bloom Festival’s workshop and speaker lineup.  Come to Sonic Bloom early for the three-day Permaculture Academy June 11th-14th and the Permaculture Action Day on June 15th.

Past Permaculture Action Hubs

See an example schedule from our Permaculture Action Hub at Lightning in a Bottle 2016 in the graphic below.

Symbiosis Gathering 2016 Permaculture Action Hub Schedule

Permaculture Action - Schedule - 2                    15936798_733968386752688_9030918838201788177_o          10847707_476861052463424_6988435956071731682_o

For photo galleries of some of our preview Permaculture Action Hubs, check out the following links:

Lightning in a Bottle Festival Permaculture Action Hub 2016 

Symbiosis Gathering Permaculture Action Hub 2016

Lightning in a Bottle Festival Permaculture Action Hub 2015

Symbiosis Gathering Permaculture Action Hub 2015

Lucidity Festival Permaculture Action Hub 2015