Seeds & Sounds Fest 2017 Action Day – Report Back

Seeds & Sounds Fest 2017 Action Day – Report Back
January 14, 2018 Perma Action
seeds and sounds festival

Seeds & Sounds Fest – Uniting Artists, Musicians, Gardeners & Community Organizations

seeds and sounds festival
seeds and sounds festival
seeds and sounds festival

At Seeds & Sounds Fest, The Dallas-Fort Worth community came together to show that we can be the change we wish to see in this world. Through education, action, and service, we can create lasting, positive change for our communities. There is no greater feeling than being a part of something greater than ourselves. BIG THANKS to everyone involved. It took a team to pull this off and we are excited to organize similar events in 2018, which we are already working on! ūüėČ

seeds and sounds festivalOn October 21, 2017,¬†¬†SacredHeart Water¬†teamed up with¬†Permaculture Action Network¬†and ¬†Promise of Peace Gardens to host Dallas’ first event inspired by Permaculture Action Days. Residents of Dallas and surrounding areas, came together to successfully improve and expand a Promise of Peace community garden in the neighborhood of Old East Dallas. This was the first event of its kind in this location, and many volunteers did not know what to expect, but within a few hours everyone could see the positive impact being made. By the end of the day the picture was much clearer and it was visible that citizens of the DFW community had come together to transform a space while leaving something behind that would continue to serve the community.

seeds and sounds festivalThe food grown in the space provides healthy food options which feed 60 families per week at the Emanuel Church next door to the garden. Promise of Peace founder Elizabeth Dry and her team of volunteers will continue to care for the garden and offer community events and benefits at the space. This POP garden is located at 4311 San Jacinto St Dallas, Texas 75204.
Cass Maenius and Wes Brown (hiphop artist SniperShot) of SacredHeart Water had been envisioning this type of event for a few years when they came across the  Pushing Through The Pavement documentary. Watching the film was confirmation that this dream was possible and they became inspired and excited to create an action day. They reached out to Ryan Rising of Permaculture Action Network and the details for Seeds & Sounds Fest took shape.

seeds and sounds festivalVolunteers at Seeds & Sounds Fest brought in dirt, mulched, planted raised beds, fruit trees, and painted signs and rainwater collection tanks. Kids and adults enjoyed a worm casting workshop led by Elizabeth Dry and John Bushe of  Zero Waste Advocacy iot gave an inspiring Zero Waste workshop. Karla Ceballos and Bianca Apolonia Alonso of  Clean-Up Dallas spoke about their organization and even provided some art to the garden as well. Graffiti artist EderTron created Seeds & Sounds Fest-inspired live art throughout the day which now hang in the garden. Chef Travis Stinson prepared a delicious vegetarian chili with ingredients donated by  Tom Thumb, Natural Grocers and a local farmers market, topped with fresh organic cilantro grown in the garden.  Holy Kombucha provided a variety of refreshing probiotic Kombucha beverages. SacredHeart Water brought a gravity fed water filter to provide clean drinking water for everyone and EcoDallas РEarth Friendly Tableware donated compostable cups, bowls, and spoons.

seeds and sounds festivalWe also raffled off a cool coffee gift basket from White Rock Coffee!
Some of Dallas’ best underground musicians filled the air with music to bless the space and share good culture with all of the volunteers; special thanks go out to all of them. Link up with them here:

Oneofus, M Slago, Silassie I, Positive Vibe Tribe, SniperShot & Cass Maenius

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By Cass Maenius & Wes Brown