The First Permaculture Action Tour

Artwork by Jessica Perlstein –

October 2014, The Polish Ambassador went on tour with a team of permaculture educators and community organizers to bring “Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour” to major cities across the United States.  We hosted 33 Action Days in 33 cities, across 20 different states over a 6 week period.  These action days brought out fans from the Polish Ambassador shows to the farm/eco-village/food forest/urban garden to get their hands dirty. Through a focus on community organizing and earth based practices, the tour empowered people with the tools needed to bring about a regenerative way of living.

Impact On the Ground:

The Permaculture Action Tour will be connecting a network of local organizations, permaculture groups, sustainability educators, and food growers that can put the principles of permaculture into action through on-the-ground projects and re-skilling.

The Polish Ambassador audience members will be encouraged to join “Impact Days” on urban sites following each show that will be immersions focused on sustainability, food justice, ecological education, and regenerative living practices.

Along with hard skills like growing food, collecting rainwater, and building structures, the tour will introduce the equally important aspects of social permaculture: how to work in collaborative groups and organize locally, make decisions, and communicate effectively.

The Goal

The goal of the Permaculture Action Tour is to inspire and empower people with the tools and know how of co-creating a sustainable and regenerative world.  Through bridging live music with earth-based practices and collective action, we will bring a new sense of awareness, community, and personal potential to each audience member who attends The Polish Ambassador shows–offering a way to make an impact towards positive change where they live while having fun.  This tour will be one step of many in making our cities greener, healthier, and happier places to live through the action of community.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is the practice of living in a balanced way on the earth; of designing relationships of mutual support between people and the ecosystems we inhabit.  Through the collection of skills and practices that permaculture teaches, people can learn to once again live in a way that fosters healthy human communities and cultivates ecologically diverse and productive habitats for all beings.


Permaculture practices we will be sharing:

  • Regenerative Land Care
  • Organic Food Growing
  • Food Forests and Perennial Polycultures
  • Natural Building
  • Rainwater Catchment and Greywater Recycling
  • Compost and Soil Building
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Neighborhood Placemaking
  • Transforming the Urban Landscape
  • Living in Community

Without donors to this campaign, this wouldn’t be possible. Huge gratitude to our sponsors!

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A big thanks to our supporters. They also help make this tour a reality!

For reading on the subject we recommend:

“all you need are seeds…: a socio-political self-help memoir about organic gardening”

by Rachel M Walls

[buy paperback or kindle version]